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Trade Stock CFDs at STOCK.com

STOCK.com is at the pinnacle of retail Stocks CFD trading.



Stocks CFD trading is one of the most popular and exciting trading assets. Stock prices fluctuate continuously in response to a confluence of factors from business deals and macroeconomics, to shifts in technical progress and world events. At STOCK.com we have the experts on hand, tools in place and news to report so that traders can make informed decisions to trade Stock CFDs on global markets.

We understand the importance of providing excellent trading conditions to enable all traders to benefit from this world market. With our low spreads, no commissions and the use of leverage to maximize prospective profit with minimal capital, you too can join this exciting trading community.

STOCK.com Trading Conditions: Stock CFDs


  • Trade your favourite company's stock CFD
  • Over 180 companies to choose from
  • A range of stock CFDs available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Leverage range from1:5 to 1:20
  • Tight spreads, no commissions

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Trading Foreign Exchange (Forex) and Contracts for Differences (CFDs) on margin carries a high level of risk. CLICK HERE to read full risk warning.

Trading Conditions

Below is a table of stocks offered by STOCK.com.

Company NameSpreads (as low as)**Leverage (up to)Size of 1 LotMin TradeCommission % Per Lot
APPLE Inc.0.10 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
BANK OF AMERICA0.1 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
CISCO SYSTEMS0.1 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
eBay Inc.0.10 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Facebook0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Ferrari SpA (FERRARI)0.20 (USD)10:11000.010.0%
GENERAL ELECTRIC0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
GOLDMAN SACHS0.3 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
GOOGLE Inc.1.25 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
IBM0.3 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
INTEL Corp.0.15 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
KING0.15 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
MICROSOFT Corp.0.15 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
UBS AG0.1 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
CitiGroup0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
ALIBABA0.40 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
BAIDU Inc.0.3 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
CHINA MOBILE0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
PetroChina0.3 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
PETROLEO BRAS0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
TOYOTA0.3 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
SONY0.1 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Twitter Inc0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
WEIBO0.10 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Amazon.com0.4 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
American Express (AMEX)0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
AT&T Inc0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Exxon Mobil Corp0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
First Solar Inc0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Hewlett-Packard Company0.05 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
JPMorgan Chase & Co.0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Mondelez International0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Marvell Technology Group Ltd.0.1 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
MGM Resorts International0.1 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Monsanto Company0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Morgan Stanley0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Noble Energy Inc.0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Nokia Corp0.1 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Oracle Corp.0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Pfizer Inc.0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Potash Corp of Saskatchewan Inc0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
SanDisk Corp.0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Wal-Mart Stores Inc.0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Wells Fargo & Company0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Yahoo Inc0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Linked-In0.4 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Zynga0.05 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Yandex0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Groupon0.1 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
VALE0.1 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Mastercard0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
MCDONALDS0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
COCA COLA0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
VISA0.10 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
TECK Resources Limited0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
MICRON0.1 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
APACHE0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
JABIL0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
UNISTEEL0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
GM0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
NIKE0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
MEGAFON0.2 (USD)5:11000.010.0%
Samsung Electronics2.5 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
BerkshireB0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
TESLA MOTORS Inc0.70 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
NETFLIX Inc0.4 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
TRIPADVISOR Inc0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
PRICELINE Inc1.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
SALESFORCE Inc0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
SYMANTEC Corp0.1 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
NUANCE Inc0.1 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
STARBUCKS Inc0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
ALCOA INC.0.03 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
BOEING CO0.5 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
CATERPILLAR INC0.3 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
MARRIOTT0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
HILTON0.10 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
LUKOILUSD0.2 (USD)5:11000.010.0%
MAGNIT0.2 (USD)5:11000.010.0%
SOLARCITY Corp.0.50 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
GoPro0.20 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
WALT DISNEY CO0.2 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
FCA0.03 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
HUBSPOT Inc (HUBSPOT)0.15 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Virgin America Inc (VA)0.15 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
PepsiCo Inc (PepsiCo)0.15 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
MOMO Inc (MOMO)0.10 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Avolon Holdings Inc (AVOLON)0.10 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
BlackBerry Limited (BlackBerry)0.03 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Shake Shack Inc (ShakeShack)0.40 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc (Diamond)0.15 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Kirby Corporation (KirbyCorp)0.35 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Yamana Gold Inc (YamanaGold)0.04 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Go Daddy Inc (GoDaddy)0.15 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Party City (Party City Holdco Inc.)0.08 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Gilead Sciences Inc (GILEAD)0.20 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
PAO Severstal (Severstal)0.05 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
JD.com,Inc. (JD.com)0.1 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Harley-Davidson,Inc. (Harley)0.15 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Expedia Inc. (Expedia)0.15 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Splunk, Inc. (Splunk)0.1 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Yelp Inc. (Yelp)0.25 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
SHOPIFY0.1 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
FITBIT0.1 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
PayPal0.30 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
TerraForm Global Inc.0.10 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
AVAGO0.25 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
First Data0.12 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services (HewlettEnt)0.05 (USD)10:11000.010.0%
AMOVIL0.07 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
FOMENTO0.35 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
CEMEX0.05 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
MsciMexico0.20 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
EMPRESAS0.04 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
BP Plc0.6 (GBp)20:11000.010.0%
HSBC HOLDINGS0.8 (GBp)20:11000.010.0%
TESCO Plc0.5 (GBp)20:11000.010.0%
VODAFONE GROUP0.4 (GBp)20:11000.010.0%
RIO TINTO GROUP3 (GBp)20:11000.010.0%
Glencore0.4 (GBp)20:11000.010.0%
LLOYDS0.2 (GBp)20:11000.010.0%
RBS0.5 (GBp)20:11000.010.0%
WPP PLC4.00 (GBp)20:11000.010.0%
ROLLS ROYCE HOLDINGS PLC4.00 (GBp)20:11000.010.0%
ASTRAZENECA10 (GBp)20:11000.010.0%
WIZZ5 (GBp)20:11000.010.0%
easyJet plc (easyJet)2.50 (GBp)20:11000.010.0%
Burberry Group plc (Burberry)3.20 (GBp)20:11000.010.0%
BANCO SANTANDER0.02 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
INDITEX0.05 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
IBERDROLA0.02 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
ENAGAS0.05 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
BBVA0.02 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
REPSOL0.05 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
TELEFONICA SPAIN0.05 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
BANCO POPOLARE0.02 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
BUZZI UNICEM0.02 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
GENERALI ASS0.02 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
FIAT S.P.A. (F-MI)0.02 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
INTESA SANPAOLO0.005 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
Banca Monte Paschi Di Siena0.02 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
ENEL0.02 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
TELECOM ITALIA0.005 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
ENI0.05 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
POSTE ITALIANE0.025 (EUR)10:11000.010.0%
DAIMLER AG0.1 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
DEUTSCHE BANK0.05 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
DEUTSCHE TELEKOM0.05 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
LUFTHANSA0.05 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
METRO AG0.05 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
VolksWagen AG0.2 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
VIVENDI0.05 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
LVMH SA0.15 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
SANOFI-AVENTIS0.1 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
BNP PARIBAS0.05 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
Allianz AG0.15 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
BMW AG0.1 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
Commerzbank AG0.02 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
E.ON AG0.02 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
Infineon Tech0.02 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
K+S AG0.05 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
SAP AG0.05 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
Siemens AG0.1 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
Adidas AG0.1 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
BASF SE0.1 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
RWE AG0.05 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
CAP GEMINI0.05 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
CARREFOUR0.05 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
CREDIT AGRICOLE0.02 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
EDF0.05 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
Orange FR0.02 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
MICHELIN0.1 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
SAINT GOBAIN0.05 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
SOCIETE GENERALE0.05 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
TOTAL0.05 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
VINCI0.05 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
Unicredit0.02 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
?EZ2 (CZK)5:11000.010.0%
ERSTE GROUP BANK (ERSTE)3 (CZK)5:11000.010.0%
KOMER?N BANKA (KOMERCNI)20 (CZK)5:11000.010.0%
TELEFNICA C.R.2 (CZK)5:11000.010.0%
VIG4 (CZK)5:11000.010.0%
NWR0.3 (CZK)5:11000.010.0%
OTP15 (HUF)5:11000.010.0%
MTELEKOM3 (HUF)5:11000.010.0%
MOL20 (HUF)5:11000.010.0%
PKOBP0.4 (PLN)5:11000.010.0%
PZU1.25 (PLN)5:11000.010.0%
KGHM1.25 (PLN)5:11000.010.0%
PEKAO1.25 (PLN)5:11000.010.0%
PGE0.2 (PLN)5:11000.010.0%
TPSA0.1 (PLN)5:11000.010.0%
PKNORLEN0.5 (PLN)5:11000.010.0%
BHP Billiton (Billiton)40 (ZAR)20:11000.010.0%
Anglo American (Anglo)40 (ZAR)20:11000.010.0%
SABMiller60 (ZAR)20:11000.010.0%
MTN Group (MTN)30 (ZAR)20:11000.010.0%
Sasol60 (ZAR)20:11000.010.0%
GAZPROM2 (RUB)5:11000.010.0%
SBERBANK1 (RUB)5:11000.010.0%
ROSNEFT4 (RUB)5:11000.010.0%
ROYAL DUTCH SHELL0.05 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
ARCELORMITTAL0.03 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
HEINEKEN N.V0.12 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
PHILIPS N.V0.06 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
GEMALTO N.V0.25 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
NESTLE SA0.2 (CHF)20:11000.010.0%
AMADEUS IT HOLDING SA0.10 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
GAMESA SA0.04 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
JAZZTEL PLC0.07 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
ALCATEL LUCENT SA0.02 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
ILIAD SA0.5 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
PEUGEOT SA0.05 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
ROCKET INTERNET AG0.15 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
Alpha Bank SA (ALPHA)0.02 (EUR)5:11000.010.0%
OPAP0.10 (EUR)5:11000.010.0%
COCA-COLA HBC AG (EEE)0.70 (EUR)5:11000.010.0%
National Bank of Greece (ETE)0.05 (EUR)5:11000.010.0%
Hellenic Telecommunications Organization S.A (HTO)0.10 (EUR)5:11000.010.0%
Public Power Corporation S.A (PPC)0.08 (EUR)5:11000.010.0%
AIRBUS0.10 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
BAYER AG0.50 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
FAURECIA0.15 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
GRIFOLS0.15 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
REE0.25 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
SABADELL0.02 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
INDRA0.05 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
ABENGOA0.02 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
SACYR0.02 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
POPULARESP0.02 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
Hermes Intl (Hermes)0.60 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
Europcar Group SA (EUROPCAR)0.05 (EUR)20:11000.010.0%
VOLVO0.25 (SEK)10:11000.010.0%
HANDELSBANK0.35 (SEK)10:11000.010.0%
TELIASONERA0.15 (SEK)10:11000.010.0%
ERICSSON0.25 (SEK)10:11000.010.0%
STATOIL0.4 (NOK)10:11000.010.0%
TELENOR0.45 (NOK)10:11000.010.0%
DnB0.3 (NOK)10:11000.010.0%
YARA INTERNATIONAL1.2 (NOK)10:11000.010.0%
NOVONORD1 (DKK)10:11000.010.0%
DANSKEBANK0.5 (DKK)10:11000.010.0%
NOVOZYMES1 (DKK)10:11000.010.0%
VESTASWIND1.2 (DKK)10:11000.010.0%
Ctrip.com International Ltd. (Ctrip.com)0.40 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Qunar Cayman Islands Limited (QUNAR)0.20 (USD)20:11000.010.0%
Square Inc0.10 (USD)10:11000.010.0%
Match Group Inc0.10 (USD)10:11000.010.0%
ABN Amro Bank0.10 (EUR)10:11000.010.0%

STOCK.com reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to widen spreads, decrease leverage, control maximum order amounts and limit clients' total exposure. STOCK.com reserves the right from time to time to increase margin requirements for Share CFDs prior to company announcements or where market conditions require such increases. Clients’ open positions may be subject to forced liquidation and the client may suffer significant loss in the case of failure to fulfill such requirements on time.

Please note that the company may change its overnight rollover rates from time to time as a result of changes in credit markets.

Click here to view a complete list of current overnight rollovers.

Also note: the MT4 platform calculates overnight rollover at 21:00 GMT and the rollover charge/credit is debited or credited to and from the trading account. On Wednesday at 21:00 GMT, overnight rollover fees are multiplied by three (x3) in order to compensate for the upcoming weekend.

Trading Times

Trading hours vary depending on the Exchange of your instrument of choice.

ExchangeTrading Hours (GMT)
NASDAQ14:31 - 21:00
NYSE14:31 - 21:00
LSE08:05 - 16:30
Bolsa De Madrid08:01 - 16:30
Borsa Italiana08:05 - 16:20
Deutsche Boerse08:05 - 16:25
Euronext Paris08:01 - 16:30
Euronext Amsterdam08:01 - 16:25
Prague08:17 - 15:14
BSE08:20 - 15:54
Warsaw08:10 - 15:44
JSE07:06 - 14:49
Moscow07:05 - 15:40
SIX Swiss08:05 - 16:20
Athex08:30 - 15:30



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Путем очень простого скачивания одного приложения, вы получаете доступ к мощной, интуитивно понятной торговой MT4 платформе, с помощью которой вы можете торговать несколькими активами через рабочий стол вашего компьютера или ваш мобильный телефон.

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Ваш онлайн-доступ - в любое время, в любом месте - к вашему торговому счету STOCK.com, через рабочий стол компьютера, планшет или мобильные устройства, без надобности скачивания приложений.

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Торговля контрактами на разницу цен является в высокой степени спекулятивной, связана с высоким риском и подходит не всем инвесторам.