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  • European Stocks Decline

    Aug 27 2015, 12.52pm GMT

    Investors on European markets have found themselves caught in a pincer between the uncertainties surrounding the largest global economies, the United States and China
  • Greece bailout

    Aug 11 2015, 07.56am GMT

    No details have emerged from the weekend meetings between Greece and its creditors, besides a European official who said “a lot of progress is being made” without defining the areas of progress.
  • EU stocks

    Aug 5 2015, 07.55am GMT

    European stocks returned to negative territory on Tuesday after experiencing market gains for five straight days.
  • Plan B for Greece

    July 30 2015, 09.26am GMT

    Controversial former Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, who issued a statement at the time of his resignation, is back in the spotlight.


European and Asian Stocks Climb

Sep 9 2015, 06.55am GMT

Indications are that a degree of normality seems to be creeping back into global equity markets as positive trade data emerged from Germany, stronger than expected, as well as signs that the Chinese economy might be awakening from its slumber.
Stronger U.S. Economy vs. Global Gloom

Sep 8 2015, 06.55am GMT

The pack has been shuffled for the Federal Reserve officials and the time for them to show their interest rates hand is drawing closer with the next meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) scheduled for 16 - 17 September.
Key Economic Events

Sep 7 2015, 06.53am GMT

While many day traders base the majority of their investment decisions on technical analysis, the fundamental data that is released on a daily basis by governmental agencies in the U.S. and abroad are very often the drivers behind the trends
Trading in CFDs involves significant risk to your invested capital

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Trading in CFDs involves significant risk to your invested capital